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O.T.C. International was created in 1994. The main purpose of this company is to act as a Handling Agency and to provide specialist tours and travel within Turkey and around the World. The company is registered with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has a Class A Licence No. 3877.

OTC International is a boutique travel agency offering a professional and expertise service. Between 1994 to 2004 our agency served thousands of customers from around the globe, providing them with various sectors of travel. However, in 2004 we became a joint-venture company, by going into business with an European agency. Together, we established our offices in one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, namely Kadikoy.

With our vast experience within the tourism sector, plus our well organised structure, OTC International is able to give the customer an efficient, effective and reliable service. We pride ourselves on being client orientated. We understand our customers' needs and choices and do our upmost to meet those requirements.

As O.T.C. International we serve the following sectors:

1. Acting as an Incoming Tour Operator:
We prepare different types of travel packages and also offer tailor-made tours for groups of any size, as well as for the individual traveller. We provide high quality services, ensuring that every customer will have a high degree of satisfaction during his or her stay in Turkey.

2. Acting as a Handling Agent:
We have an extremely professional and experienced team at O.T.C. International. Add this to our suppliers' strong  'know-how'  and we can provide and handle all types of travel requests and services.

3. Acting as an Outgoing Tour Operator:
We prepare a variety of tours for groups and individuals, from classic trips to the more unusual or specialist holidays. Again, our service is of the highest standard.

4. Serving The Domestic Market:
We cater for our domestic market by offering a wide selection of travel packages for groups and the individual. Our efficient service and 'can do' attitude makes us a popular choice.  


OTC International's Specialities:

1. By understanding our clients' ideas and needs, we aim to find the best travel packages for them. We pride ourselves on finding the most appropriate deals for our customers, regardless of their tastes and budget.

2. We have a deep understanding of the countries we deal with. Thus, we offer great insight and expertise to our customers. With regards to travel within Turkey, we can offer numerous details about what one can expect to see, do and find in various areas of the country. We can give in-depth information about how to travel within Turkey and offer new travel tips and ideas.

3. We have a great insight into the needs and wishes of the modern day traveller.

We therefore provide a service to match these. We can create and organise travel packages anywhere in the World and are experts at arranging trips to the more remote areas of the globe.

4. Whenever we work with another company or group we are able to create a sophisticated package, whether it be within Turkey or to other destinations. We listen to what our clients want and act upon those wishes. Thus, making the whole travelling experience one to enjoy and remember.

Why should you prefer us?
At OTC International we provide all kinds of Touristic services, from the first 'Hello' to the last 'Goodbye'. All our services are carefully co-ordinated and arranged to meet the travellers' needs. We pride ourselves on getting things right for our clients.

We Can Offer So Much MORE.
Our profound understanding of the travel business and the needs of the modern traveller, enables us to make our tours and travel arrangements so much more people friendly and unique. We want our customers to be treated as individuals not just part of the mass tourism machine. Our clients are not simply a number or just a reservation to us.

Travelling with us enables you to develop and upgrade your style of travel.

By allowing us to take care of your travel arrangements and holiday plans, you will be introduced to different suggestions and see that there are new horizons to be reached.


Our Motto is : OTC International provides exceptional service for exceptional people. 



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